Media strike and demonstration on November 30th

The attack of the greek and international Capital in order to achieve a number of changes concerning first of all the reform of the productive procedure model, with violent and sweeping changes of working, insurance and retirement conditions, and aiming to increase the working people’s exploitation, did not leave out the system’s disinformation   industry.

The big publishers-owners of news-papers, magazines, radio and tv stations, using crisis as a pretext and with the tolerance and collaboration of the syndicalist beauracracy and of the magistrate, that judges all strikes as illegal and abusive before they are even anounced, have dismissed during the last weeks hundreds of working people,  while in the same time they try to cut down on salaries, abolish the departmental agreements and replace them with the corporate ones, and even syndicalism’s vitiation.

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On Tuesday Novemser 30th, there was a 24 hour stike covering every media in Greece. There was a demonstration of about 2.500 journalists, tachnicians, lithographers and clerks  of the media, an attendance which is concidered very big for this branch’s facts.

cops help Panos Sombolos to escape from the strikers

Outside the ministry, in the center of Athens, and while the strikers were talking for their struggle using loudspeakers, Panos Sombolos -the president of their union, a well known beauracrat appeared. The people gathered booed him off and threw towards him coffees, soft drinks and bottles with water, so it was the riot police that saved him covring him to enter the ministry. After the demonstration there was an open assembly at the union offices with the participation of the “Assembly of salaried, unsalaried, unemployed and students of the media”(which also took part in the demonstration.

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