Thursday 25th: demonstration against state terrorism in Athens

coverage of the demo here: 2,500 – 3,000 anarchists march in central Athens against state terrorism

now that capitalism is not so self-evident

that the capital is raiding us without care of maintaining any kind of balance

that democracy is revealed as totalitarianism

their necessary condition: the twofold movement of repression

that focuses at those who choose/decide/organize

who have declared war on the establishment for much too long now and currently, being more dangerous than ever before, are purged/outlawed/incarcerated

in order to spread to those standing next to them, considering the matter of struggle public,

to those who dare defend their affinal/personal/political relations,

to all those lumpen/poor/poorer/desperate/proletarians who can’t stand the barbarism of the establishment for such a long time now,

and now, being more dangerous than ever before,

are ready to declare war


now that the conditions are in favour and exhaust the movement like never before,

that waiting and indifference are ticking backwards,

that solidarity to all those who are resistant/purged/incarcerated is an attitude and a proposition for struggle,

that our existence is pit against the enemy’s