Press release from the fighting board of residents, citizens and workers against the tolls


Free highways for all, without tolls

Enough! We will not pay tolls anymore. We will not pay for their crisis!

Prepare for mobilizations throughout the country.

The movement against the tolls, active for more than 7 months, has since grown to nationwide dimensions. A key weapon of the movement is that WE DO NOT PAY TOLLS. PASOK’s governments – IMF – EU try fighting this massive popular and non-partisan movement.

They declare the driver who refuses to pay an expensive, illegal and insane toll, a tax evader. After the doctors, Tolis[1], and the civil servants that supposedly do not perform their duties, they discovered a new cause responsible for bankruptcy: the thousands of residents of this country who refuse systematically to pay for dangerous and unsuitable roads and services that we have already paid!

Mr. Reppas[2] and gentlemen of the Government – clerks of IMF, of EU, consortia of big contractors and bankers, our answer is: WE WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY MORE MONEY, because YOU ALREADY HAVE GOTTEN A LOT FROM US!

For thieves, swindlers and tax evaders, go and search on the benches of the House, in the lounges where you congregate and collaborate with all the swindlers who created the crisis.

You are scared of our growing nationwide movement, in which more and more fellow citizens join every day, the democratic and non-partisan movement  “DO NOT PAY”.

Enough is enough! We totally agree with our co-fighters in Pieria that if you follow through your announcements for the criminalization of our fight this will be CAUSE FOR WAR! Know that the whole of society is on our side and that we will fight more strongly, more massively and with more organization because, gentlemen of the Government, we will not allow you to consider us the cows that you will constantly milk. The crisis is created from you and YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!

The text in greek, spanish, portuguese.


A famous greek singer and tax evader

[2] Greek minister of Transport