Athens: Anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis goes on hunger strike

Nikos Maziotis, an anarchist imprisoned in relation to the Revolutionary Struggle case, has gone on hunger strike. Below is a translation of his letter announcing the commencing of the hunger strike.

The treatment reserved by the state for the imprisoned revolutionaries and its political enemies is standard: Revanchist actions, sadism, physical and psychological violence, disrespect toward human dignity, indifference for health, for bodily integrity, for human life itself.

Because the security of the state and the regime, the denial of freedom is above all – above life itself and “human rights”.

For the state officials, the political and financial elite and the rich, “human rights” only concern themselves and their class-alike.

They do not concern the people, the poor, the impoverished, the workers, the unemployed, the veterans of work, the migrants, those digging through the garbage of street markets to eat.

Nor do they concern the imprisoned -social- prisoners, the vast majority of which comes from the poor, popular classes and the lives of which is worth absolutely nothing for the system.

And of course, [human rights] do not concern revolutionaries or political prisoners either, for which the system has always attempted their physical and ethical extermination.

In this context, my partner and comrade Panagiota Roupa and myself, both of which are members of Revolutionary Struggle, are denied the right of prison visits thanks to the attorney of the prison of Korydallos, who rejects “for security reasons” my visit to the maternity clinic “Alexandra” to visit my partner, who will bring our son to the world – the youngest political prisoner of the greek “democracy”.

She is also rejecting for the same “security reasons” my application to visit the female prisons of Korydallos, as my comrade is unable due to her condition to visit the male prisons herself, as it is supposedly customary until now.

Demanding, therefore, the “obvious”, as a partner and father to visit my partner-comrade and our sons, I am going on hunger strike from July 15th in order for my following two demands to be met:

1. To be transferred for a visit to the maternity clinic “Alexandra” on July 25th, in order to visit my partner Panagiota Roupa and our son, since the childbirth has been planned with a Cesarean for July 24th, while she will remain in the clinic for a few days after that and

2. That it is me who gets transferred for visits to the female prisons for the first period after the childbirth due to the unavoidable inability of my partner and our son to move.

As much as the repressive mechanisms believe that by imprisoning us they will get done with us, they are wrong. Either inside, or outside prisons the struggle for us is a matter of honor and dignity; it will continue.

Revolutionary struggle continues.


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