Lambros Foundas’ assassination

In Saturday, 20 March at noon, comrades dedicated a large gathering and protest march in memory of the anarchist Lambros Foundas, in Dafni area, Athens, where he was shot dead in the back by cops on early morning of 10 March 2010. Outside Agios Ioannis metro station, an assembly was followed by a march in Dafni neighborhood, concluding at the point of the murder. Comrades spoke out loud against mass media, police, and especially against the State that has been trying to cover up a young man’s assassination by cops, the murder of an anarchist whose personal life was vandalized after death by the hungry vultures of the television news. At the same time, his murderers continue to remain unpunished while their names were never publicized: a clear message of the State to the society is intended that nobody is safe from such murderous intentions.

Hundreds of protesters dismissed cops hordes all along the way, and marched with cries of resistance, distributing pamphlets and writing slogan graffiti such as ‘Action replaces tears’, ‘Honour to the fighter Lambros Foundas’, ‘In our hearts, out in the streets next to us, Lambros you’re alive.’